“Cared enough to understand her subjects and communicate that through her photos”

Jane Barkley Family Photo in Waterloo Region

Jane Barkley

We were so fortunate to have some of the time and talent of Xiaopu Fung recently. She captured our family as individuals and all of the little intricate relationships we have (with 5 of us that’s no small feat).

Leading up to the session Xiaopu took extra time and care selecting a location and communicating about how to be prepared for an outdoor shoot. With 2 toddlers and a teenager, our family can be a challenge to wrangle, but Xiaopu not only managed to coordinate the 5 of us and capture amazing images (memories!), she even played songs from ‘Frozen’ on her phone for our girls to help keep their attention throughout the shoot.

I’ve been through numerous photo shoots personally, professionally, and with our family and working with Xiaopu was the first time that I felt I was working with someone who cared enough to understand her subjects and communicate that through her photos.

“The proof is in our photos”

Cari Howard Family Photo in Kitchener

Cari Howard

Working with Xiaopu was a really fun experience for our family! I appreciated her wanting to get to know more about us with her pre-shoot questionnaire, and it was obvious when we met in person that she’d taken the time to go over it and learn a bit about my boys and their interests. She is open and friendly, and my boys warmed up to her right away. Our session felt like we were just out for a walk with a friend and her camera, and the proof is in our photos: lots of giggles, big smiles and some silliness all beautifully captured! I was impressed at how quickly she was able to turn around our proofs and finished photos, and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.

“Our facial expressions looked so natural”

Sehrish Haroon Family Photo in Waterloo

Sehrish Haroon

I would definitely recommend Xiaopu as a photographer to everyone. We signed up for our photo shoot in the beginning of winter, so we weren’t sure how an outdoor shoot would turn out. Xiaopu made the outdoors look so artistic and charming in the pictures, even with the bare trees and minimal snow. Our pictures came out fantastic; my favourite thing about the photo shoot was that our facial expressions looked so natural (no awkward or forced smiles). We looked as real as anyone can in pictures. Xiaopu is truly adept at capturing the moment!

“Amazing skill for capturing an incredible moment”

Sarah Bach and Benjamin Bach in Kitchener's Winter Wonderland

Sarah Bach

Xiaopu provided us with a fun and creative winter photo shoot in the forest. Xiaopu is absolutely delightful to work with. She sent us a questionnaire in advance to know what to expect and we had a wonderful experience during the shoot. Xiaopu is great with children and pets and has an amazing skill for capturing an incredible moment. We were thrilled with our photos and pleased the photos made lovely holiday gifts for our family. We can’t wait to have Xiaopu take more family photos!

“Pictures that will stay in our family forever”

Christine Bird and Brooks Way with their Dog Tucker

Christine Bird

This was our first time having pictures professionally taken together and what a wonderful experience it was! Xiaopu was friendly and fun to work with, and had a great amount of patience for our dog, Tucker (also photographed). So many people have commented on our photos from this session. One relative even said I should sell it to Hallmark because it was so beautiful! All around A+ experience, with pictures that will stay in our family, forever.

“Couldn’t have asked for better photos or customer service”

Angela MacLean with Her Daughter in Waterloo

Angela MacLean

Working with Xiaopu was a wonderful experience for me and my family. We had a great time at the photo shoot and got some amazing photos…it was hard to select our favourites. The software that Xiaopu uses made it really easy to review our photos and download the final images. I couldn’t have asked for better photos or customer service.

“Captured the emotions and textures of those moments so vividly”

Julie Kate Seirlis' Seven Year Old Triplets in Waterloo Home

Julie Kate Seirlis

What a warm, fun and delightful experience it was to connect with, meet and have Xiaopu in my home photographing my horde. Xiaopu has an ease with people because she likes them! She immediately established a lovely rapport with my children, no mean feat given that they are triplets and so, as Mark Twain once said, an insurrection. Her love for people in general and her rapport with my children and me is obvious in her photographs because she captured our personalities, and she captured the emotions and textures of those moments so very vividly. She is professional, efficient and clear in her communication. And she is just a lovely human being. I cannot recommend her enough.

“Absolutely exceeded our expectations”

Maternity Photo of Monika Bielecka walking with Brian Guo

Monika Bielecka

We are a bit shy when it comes to having our pictures taken and were apprehensive about the photo-taking process. However, Xiaopu made us feel super comfortable and as a result, the session was upbeat and very enjoyable. The photos turned out great – some of the best photos ever taken of us! We highly recommend Xiaopu for couples or family photography – she absolutely exceeded our expectations!

“Wonderful with children”

Katie Marsh Family Photo in Kitchener

Katie Marsh

Having our portraits done by Xiaopu was a fantastic experience. She is organized, professional and extremely talented. She is wonderful with children and kept our little one well engaged throughout the entire session. Xiaopu had great ideas and communicated extremely well on how she wanted us to stand and where. The entire experience was comfortable and well planned and the photos are AMAZING.

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  1. I love the photos that you took for Justin at kidsability school and they’re AMAZING.
    I’m very appreciate so much.I can’t believe that you can make him stay still with pretty smile.It was so sup-rice to me.

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